What is FastBPack?

Traveling with FastBpack is not like traveling with a common trolley.

With the load on your back, you can move not only to airports and stations, you can go anywhere without being slowed down.

Thanks to our best designers FastBpack is not only modern and trendy but it is also thin, compact and not cumbersome.

When folded it measures only less than an A4 sheet and with only 300 grams it is the accessory that will always accompany you on your travels.

FastBpack is made from the highest quality materials, washable and built to last.

FastBpack is the adapter for suitcases that converts the suitcase into a practical backpack.

With FastBpack it’s easy to venture with a suitcase through the urban jungle!

For each product numerous tests have been carried out, from attrition to resistance.

We use the best materials on the market to guarantee a strong and durable FastBpack

Available in three different colours.
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