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Suitcases against backpacks is a common debate among travelers.

Suitcases are ideal for air travel and for keeping your things organized. Using a carry-on bag saves you a lot of money in terms of baggage fees and a lot of time at the airport.

The problem with suitcases is that they are not suitable for urban travel. Wheeled suitcases fit well on the polished floors of an airport or inside a building. The suitcases have plastic wheels that easily break on uneven sidewalks.

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The cobblestone streets of Europe and rough roads make them anything but practical. Backpacks are convenient for urban travel, you can easily grab your backpack and go.

The problem with backpacks is that they are too small to carry everything you need, or too big to qualify as carry-on baggage. Backpacks are difficult to pack for storage, making most of the options unfit for travel.

Regardless of the size, most of the backpacks must be packed vertically, leaving things wrinkled and untidy.

In case you have to stow a backpack you could be the victim of theft or accidental loss of your goods, since a backpack does not have an adequate closure system. Should you buy a backpack with wheels? The most obvious combination of suitcase / backpack is a foldable rucksack with wheels. You’ve probably seen other travelers transporting them or in stores. The problem is that wheeled backpacks combine the worst elements of backpacks and suitcases. You may be able to drag them through an airport, but this convenience is far outweighed by the disadvantages of wheeled backpacks.


The addition of plastic handles and wheels to a backpack significantly increases the weight. Weight gain makes the bag harder to carry and more likely to exceed the excess baggage weight of airline companies. A random sampling of backpacks on eBags showed an average weight of about 3 kg. The bags ranged from 2 to 4kg. The airline rules for the weight of hand baggage vary considerably. Most of the North American and European airlines allow the transport of baggage up to 10 kg. Some weigh up to 5 kg, which means you would have brought an empty backpack and you will still be charged an overweight.


As we have already said, the backpacks with wheels are heavy. You’ll have to put them down and take advantage of their wheels as often as possible. Using the wheeled backpack as a wheeled suitcase leaves you at the mercy of plastic wheels that easily break apart and eliminates the added benefit of carrying a backpack.

Once the backpack with wheels touches the roads, it is likely that the wheels will break. When they do, you’ll find yourself carrying the bag just like a backpack.

But, since it has wheels, you will bring an extra two to six kilos of plastic now useless. Backpacks with wheels have the worst characteristics of suitcases (delicate wheels and extra weight) and backpacks (poor organization) and cancel the best features of both.

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FastBPack not only allows you to have the convenience of an organization and space that only a hand luggage can give you but also the freedom and comfort of the backpack.

Traveling with FastBPack is not like traveling with hand luggage: you will never hesitate to make your way through the crowd, down a cobblestone alley, through the grass or along a path.

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